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Our range of hair bows are made using 100% silk organdie and where possible dyed with plant dyes.


The latest drop is dyed using Acorn dye made from acorns foraged at Killruddery estate in Bray, a beautiful house and gardens just near where we are based.  Dyeing with plants is a very slow process, it can take up to 24 hours just to extract the colour and then another 24 hours having the fabric in the dye bath, the longer you leave it the stronger it gets, we are brewing iron water on the kitchen windowsill at the moment to try and create a lovely green shade using the acorn as a base.

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"We’ve always had a deep connection to the power of different crystals. Amethyst has been in our house for as long as I remember, we use to seek for jewellery that contained it. Along with the beauty of the stones, we felt it was time to add some meaning in to the pieces we wanted to make, to create a feeling to them rather than just a material object. This way people would invest time in to selecting the correct crystal for themselves or a loved one. Something that can remain precious and will be adored for years not just for an occasion. An impactful piece of love ." 

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All the the pieces are handmade using gemstones and crystals traditionally said to have powers to strengthen us and give us more resilience.  We have included hairbands, barrettes, combs and single crystal clips.


We currently stock amethyst, quartz and flourite but any of these can be changed to suit your needs.


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